Chimney Repair in Kanata

How often do chimneys need to be inspected? How can you know if there’s a problem with your chimney? Can a damaged chimney be reconstructed? At, we’re used to answering all of these questions and more. We are one of the best companies around to handle chimney repairs, thanks to our experience and commitment to client satisfaction.

If your chimney is in need of some repairs, don’t put off dealing with it—having a damaged chimney significantly increases the risk of a fire or other serious dangers.

Signs of Chimney Problems

Because of its location, it can be hard to diagnose your chimney’s problems. As a responsible building owner however, it’s important that you know the basics, so that you know when it’s time to call us. Here’s a quick rundown of what to look for:


If the brick is cracked, you need to replace them before using your chimney again.


Rust is a sign of excessive moisture inside the chimney.


Stains indicate water damage, which can originate in a few different places.

Damaged mortar

Over time, the masonry in your chimney can expand and contract, eventually leading to cracks or other damage.


All chimneys smoke—it’s what they’re supposed to do! But if you notice smoke coming out of the sides of your chimney, there’s a problem.

Chimney Restoration Experts

Has your chimney been neglected over the years? Did you recently purchase a new home that comes with a chimney, but it has seen better days? can restore your chimney, leaving you with a functional one that will keep you warm no matter how cold it is outside.

We can restore even the most damaged chimneys, using the original materials whenever possible. Chimney restoration allows homeowners to take advantage of what their home has to offer, while also guaranteeing they’re in compliance with the latest fire safety codes.

Repair or Replace?

While the chimney is a value-adding feature of any home, it also tends to be something that’s neglected. Regular maintenance is necessary for anyone who owns a building with a chimney, and inspections are essential to ensure that yours is working safely and efficiently.

With scheduled upkeep, your chimney can continue to function for years. If you’ve fallen behind on your maintenance, or your chimney has reached the end of its life, can make recommendations for replacement. Our goal is to always provide honest service to all our clients, so even if the problem is significant we will work hard to repair your chimney instead of replacing it.

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When your chimney starts to act up, it’s for your own safety that you deal with it as soon as possible. takes care of blockages, cracks, damaged mortar and everything in between. For service like no other, and prices that you can be happy with, you can count on us.

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